Monday, September 1, 2014

Roberto Clemente was as tough as iron.......

.......and I have the card to prove it:

2013 Topps Pennant Chase Wrought Iron Medallion

Clemente was a tough ballplayer and he is a worthy recipient of this medallion on his card.

It is one of those cards which is 125 point stock thick which isn't anything odd but how many thick cards do you come across that weigh a fifth of a pound?

This card almost fell to the floor when I opened a cello pack of 2013 Topps Update cards. Glad I caught it.

I bought the pack at my local card store and the owner let me pick the pack and I think I picked right.

I do not know if wrought iron rusts or not but that would be an interesting card to see.

The hardest of the Pennant Chase Medallion cards to get are the steel ones which are numbered to 10.

But it doesn't matter which metal makes up a card of Clemente because it takes a special player to be adorned with metal.

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