Friday, March 30, 2012

Poll Results-Berkman Has A Beef With Bud

Well, the poll about Lance Berkman feeling Bud Selig extorted the new owners of the Astros to move the the AL is over.

Here are the results of the people who voted:
  • 10 people agreed with him
  • 0 disagreed
  • 0 didn't care
  • 1 liked that  it evened the leagues up
 Most felt Berkman had a point here but there will probably be nothing done to look into it.

Since it is the last year for the 'Stros in the NL Central, here's to hoping their final NL roster ever realizes this is the end of an era and steps up to the plate and beats the pulp out of their division rivals.

Except the Cubs, that is.

For 2013 the Astros should go from this color:

To this color:

Thanks for voting and reading!

Google could be changing their captchas soon

According to this article it would involve using street view images as the captcha.

It would definitely be better than squiggly gibberish everywhere.

Courtesy of Gizmodo/Blackhatworld

Audio Artistry: Tycho-Dive

Here's a nice little piece of pretty little music(channeling Bob Ross).

Saw this song on a Lifehacker post and have listened to it a ton since then.

And the whole album, as well.

Nice. Simple. Easy. Like a Bob Ross painting. Didn't say it was easy to paint them 
there mountains and lakes. Maybe put a little bitty bird rriiigghhht about there.

He painted the cover in the video.

No, not really.

Have a good Friday!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1991 Conlon Collection-Cards 41-50

Continuing with the display of the Conlon Collection with cards 41-50.

Here are the next 10 cards in the Conlon Collection.
Cards 41-50: 


Connie Mack was unbelievable. He needs two cards just for his stats.

Cards 51-60 will come around these here parts soon.

Friday, March 23, 2012

1991 Conlon Collection-Cards 31-40

Keeping on keeping on with the Conlon set.

Cards 1-67 in this set honor Hall of Fame players.

Here are cards 31-40 to take in:

Audio Artistry: Dire Straits-When It Comes To You

From the 1991 album On Every Street. The most played song off this album was Calling Elvis, but this song is so much better than any other song on this album.

This is my favorite Dire Straits song.

It is one of those lazy day, summer songs. Like Analog Kid by Rush is. Just feels like a summer song.


Have a good Friday! 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

1991 Conlon Collection-Cards 21-30

Choo Choo! Conlon train rolling through! Yeah, it's corny. Sorry for that.

New poll on the sidebar, by the way.

Here we go, cards 21-30:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

1991 Conlon Collection-Cards 11-20

Continuing on from the previous post, here for your perusal are cards 11-20 from the 1991 Conlon set:

1991 Conlon Collection-Cards 1-10

I was six years into my collecting lifestyle when this landmark set was issued.

At first I, like a lot of collectors, passed on them because with all the great, colorful sets coming out, the black and white cards just didn't hold their own in the display aisle. even the box was just black.

But after sampling all the other sets that year I finally got around to buying a box(or five) of this incredibly under appreciated set. What wasn't there not to love about this set?

You had the gorgeous photographs of Charles Conlon, the simple backs with complete career stats, and a whole bunch of facts and trivia and nicknames of the players of the formative years in baseball history when it really started to gain interest.

This set was made by Megacards in conjunction with The Sporting News.

This is also the set which taught me all about the stats of the greats we never saw.

I am going to show the first series of this set (1-330) in 10 card installments. Just a few at a time so you can really look at the cards and read the backs and admire the pictures without being inundated by a wall of cards.

I'm not even going to make small talk about the cards so you can just enjoy them for what they are.

Works of art.

Here are cards 1-10:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Suddenly.....Cubs. Part 5

This is the fifth post about the Cubs cards that were given to me. Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 are right there.

This will be the second to last post about this lot.

Continuing on:

Dickie Noles

Steve Lake

Steve Trout

Or is it Stephanie?

Nice cropping, Topps.

1983 Donruss incoming!

Keith Moreland

Mike Proly

Went from having no Mike Prolys to having over 10. More later on.

Led the Cubs in ERA in 1982.

Randy Martz

Cub's numero uno pick in 1977.

Dickie Noles


Bill Campbell

Steve Henderson

More Steve Harvey

Mel Hall

I see he was perfecting his pedostache even back then.

Jay Johnstone

You silly, silly man.

Noted clubhouse prankster and was in the movie Naked Gun.

Junior Kennedy

Got nothing.

Scot Thompson

Cub's #1 pick in 1974.

Minor league success did not translate into higher hopes.

Dick Tidrow

Overall, had a very solid career as a middle reliever.

Allen Ripley

Believe it or not, didn't have a solid career.

Mike Proly

If it was me playing a game for a living I might have smiled here. Used to be on the White sox, so maybe being on the north side was a bitter pill for him.

Bill Campbell

Gary Woods

Career minor leaguer and nice guy. Got a photo of him signed on Field day in 1980's.

Pat Tabler

Pat the Bat put up a huge minor league season in '82 which looked like a great deal when he was acquired from the Yankees. Not so. But, he did become Mr. Clutch. Just not with the Cubs.

Well, just one more post about this lot O' Cubs and we are done.

since I didn't post on the Green Drinky Day, Here is your moment of zen:

Friday, March 16, 2012

Audio Artistry: Lacuna Coil - Losing My Religion

Just discovered this band this year when hearing their new Dark Adrenaline album.

This band should just do cover songs because they are really good at it.

And the songstress is nice to look at.

I like it much better than the original.

The album is solid.

Have a good Friday!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Found A Ticket Stub.....

....from 1991:

Saturday, May 25, 1991, to be exact.

Montreal vs. the  Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Don't really even remember going to this game but apparently I did.

Here are some stats from the contest:

It was 66 degrees at game time with 16,961 in attendance. That is really low attendance at a Saturday matinee at the Beer Palace....I mean Wrigley.

The wind was blowing in 14 miles per hour but that didn't seem to matter come game time.

The game took 2:32 to play. That is the seven inning stretch time of today's games.

Mike Bielecki started for the Cubs and went 5 innings of two hit, no run ball for the win.

Chuck McElroy relieved him for the four inning save. A four inning save.

No Expo card
Rick Mahler started for the Expos and went 4.1 innings of 7 hit, 5 earned runs ball for the loss. I don't remember him with the Expos, but then again I don't even remember going to the game.

Damon Berryhill went deep with a 3 run jack for the Cubs. Luis Salazar And Ryne Sandberg both cracked solo shots of Mahler. I absolutely love the fact that someone paid to get Luis slabbed.

The Cubs went on to a 5-1 win, their fourth in a row. It was the fourth loss in a row for Le Expos.

Buck Rodgers was the manager of the Expos then. That is an appropriate name for the captain of a team which played underneath a space ship.

Here is the link to the Back To Baseball replay. That site will suck you in if you let it. I think its the crack of the bat that gets you.

Thanks for reading!

Poll Results-Ryan Braun Situation

The poll I had up pertaining to Ryan Braun and his PED test and ruling is over and the people who were nice enough to weigh in and vote felt overwhelmingly that he is :

24 voters said guilty.
2   voters said innocent.
2   voters proclaimed MLB screwed up.
2  voters said it mattered not to them.

Yet, somehow, in the end justice was served and he was 'vindicated'.

We all tell ourselves something to get by everyday.

We have convinced ourselves of a fact that we need to be true so we can live with it.

We all have a happy place.

I guess the 'vindication' is Ryan's little happy place.

Thanks for the votes and the visit. more free stuff on Listia