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2003 Fleer Hardball Grading


2003 Fleer Hardball is a neat set to collect but there's just one problem.

BGS grading:
  • Centering=9.5
  • Edges=9.5
  • Surface=9.5
  • Corners=0.0 
The fact that Mariano is always hitting the corners might have something to do with the condition of the card as well.

That time when he broke every bone in his body.......

2001 Topps #456
........just by throwing a baseball.

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.....does not mean you get to choose how you are presented to future generations.

Besides, you're free! Float away into this good night! You don't need no stinking body!

Feeling a little Chipper

I am convinced that when I bought the 1991 Topps Micro set that that is when my eyesight started to go.

Reading the backs of those cards without a Loupe or magnifying glass was insanity.

The set I had disappeared for the longest time until recently when I found it in the bottom of a cardboard box in the basement-that had flooded two years ago.

Let's just say that the set is no longer worthy of grading. But it's not terrible.

Here's Chipper, looking quite decent actually:


The pink border on the front of the card is actually the pink coloring of the card back directly in front of it, which bled through every single card.

Plus, when I opened up the set to survey the damage the entire set was stuck together. The only way to separate the cards was to break them up into bricks of 10 cards, more or less, and flex the edges until they separated.

It was quite fun doing this because it gave a verysatisfying tearing, ripping, crackling sound as I parted them.

I still have some bricks left to separate but I wanted to take a picture of them so you could check them out:

I also tried to record the sound they made but that went terribly. Instead, I will tell you what it sounds like: stepping on a june bug. Yeah...........maybe it isn't that cool of a sound after all.

I might start sorting all the cards into a set again but I fear I may actually go blind doing it.

Triple Parked

We all know what happens when you double park. Ticket time.

What happens when you triple Park?

1994 Upper Deck #520

Since he retired, nothing will happen to you. i guess the law goes off the books.

The fronts of these cards are actually quite glossy with glowing green for the baselines and the Diamond debuts. His silhouette is actually so shiny it looks white.

He's wearing a green hat on the back. Since it looks like summer in the photo I guess it isn't St. Patrick's Day. Any Dodger blogsmiths know what the occasion could have been?

Since he has rode off into baseball history, Park won't be running into these kinds of situations very often anymore:

Check Out Dykstra!

"He's hiding all his gear again. I hope he learns before it's too late".


It wasn't just chaw he was chewing on. Got to stash the glove somewhere.

1978 Topps Minis?

Didn't know these existed:

Are they really a set?

Let's look at the back of that expertly cut Jim Rice card:

Why, if I didn't know any better I'd say that this card has a good chance of being fake.

No way!

What gave it away?

The shoddy cut?


Or the odd back?


Or the ter-


Well, fine, I keep it all for myself. My.....Precious



Audio Artistry: Dire Straits-Heavy Fuel

Hadn't heard this song probably since it came out back in 1991.

Great song.

1993 Topps Regular vs. Gold

I really like 1993 Topps but for me the gold set trumps the regular set.

Here's the regular set design:

1993 Topps Gold #682
Nice, clean design. Colors of the bottom banner usually match the team of the player pictured.

The only thing that has bugged me about the set is the white space where the player's name is printed. It takes away the banner from standing out more and makes for an extended bottom white border which drags your eye down and hurts the photo a little bit.

With the gold version you simply do not have any of these problems:

The extra thick gold at the bottom takes way much of that empty white space and seems to clean the card design up.

I have been collecting this set for a bit and have 59 of the gold cards.

It just looks cleaner with the gold. And a little more elegant.

Nomar Garciaparra 2005 Donruss Studio

Picked this up on Listia a while ago:

2005 Donruss Studio#5-84

It's hard to tell from the scan but it is acetate with top and bottom strips that are clear and the middle would also be clear except for the halo of fire. You can see the logos showing through from the back.

It feel like you're holding a really light ipod touch waiting for it to start playing a video.

When I first got it I turned it side to side to see if it was a magic motion card, but, no.

Not really sure about the numbering of the set but I sense some parallels are involved.

Would like to get more of these as they are neat in hand.

Pete Lacock, Jr 1975 SSPC

1975 SSPC #317
Nope. Not touching the name. It's a family blog.

The man had his own ear flaps!

Speaking of family, he was the son of the original host of Hollywood Squares, Peter Marshall, AKA, Pierre Lacock:

Not touching that name either. Still a family blog.

As for family, he was also the nephew of Joanne Dru:

She was in many movies, such as  Red River, All the King's Men, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, The Pride of St. Louis, and perhaps the goofiest 80's movie ever, Super Fuzz.

Super Fuzz:


Here is the back in all its multicolored, glitzy glory:

Well, actually not colorful or glitzy.

It works on a 1970's menu font level.

I like it.

I love the set itself.

Look through all the Topps photos of the 70's. They all lack the life that SSPC was able to capture in their photos.

I've been working on this set for a while and I have a total of 6 cards. Guess you can't call that working, really.

And, NOPE, still not going to touch that name.

It's a family blog!(but the comments don't have to be!)

You know......

1993 Kraft #15

.........usually it's people who run way from Robin.

Breakin' the law! Breakin' the law!

Nomo Autographs!

That's it!

I'm done!


Something you can't do with a hiatal hernia

1992 Classic Four Sport #243
You're killing me Jason! I can feel my MCLs tearing right now!

It's amazing the muscles that you use to do certain activities. It's like opposite day when it comes to muscles.

When I first get up in the morning and get out of bed is when this position kills my hernia.

It's like when you pull your hamstring while doing bench presses. What's up with that?(Like I know what a bench press is anyways).

I'll bet Kendall can't do this anymore either.

Rickey Rounding Second

Rickey says this is 2001 Fleer Ultra #168
Rickey don't need no signs.

Rickey don't need no 3rd base coach.

Rickey knows the center fielder just snagged the grounder.

Rickey knows he's going to third with the throw.

Rickey knows he is only just now rounding second.

Rickey knows he will be safe.

Rickey doesn't get thrown out.

How does Rickey know all this?

Rickey told him.

Rickey just needs Rickey.

1991 Conlon Collection-Card 61-70

It's been a while since I posted about these. Actually, I just forgot about them.

ARPSmith is breaking open some series 2 wax of Conlons right now. Go check it out!

Continuing from cards 51-60 here are cards 61-70 of the first series of Conlon cards issued in 1991.

The first series includes 330 cards and I have been showing them in posts containing 10 cards at a time so you can look at them without any commentary, just scans.

It's great to look at the stats of some of the lesser known players in history and realize quite a few of them actually had some remarkable years and careers yet are overshadowed by their more famous opponents and teammates.

The first 67 cards honor Hall of Fame players. Why stop at 67? That is most likely due to the fact that those are the players that Charles Conlon had captured in photographs.

In this 10 card lot are the last seven Hall of Famers.

Cards 61-70:

Tuff Rhode(s) to the Top

Which player accumulated the most professional home runs during their career?

Was it:
  • Luis Gonzalez: 38 Minors, 354 Majors. Total of 392 home runs.
  • Karl 'Tuffy' Rhodes: 54 Minors, 13 Majors, 474 Japan. Total of 541 home runs.
  • Jeff Bagwell: 6 Minors, 449 Majors. Total of 455 home runs.

Tuffy Rhodes is the winner!

Before his legendary exploits in Japan, Tuffy was known for hitting three HR's off of Dwight Gooden on opening day of the 1994 season while with the Cubs.

He Tuk Mi Jerb!

Money made while posing for this shot: *$189.26.

Money made while writing this post: $-0.02 for scanning this card.

And I did all the work!

*Actual money made is assumed and not implied. Please consult rule 45.3 Part B for further details. Not responsible for injury caused while posing, or getting back up.

Now That's an Outfield!

 Stats: 21 HR's, 58 RBI's, Gold Glove, .988 Fielding pct., 4 errors.

 Stats: 39 HR's, 122 RBI's, All Star, Gold Glove, .987 Fielding pct., 5 errors.

Stats: 39 HR's, 130 RBI's, All Star, .984 Fielding pct., 4 errors.

1979 stats listed above.

Evans should have been an All Star just for his glove and arm.

All in all, pretty, pretty,....pretty,........pretty good.

Dale Murphy Box Bottom Card

Came across this card in a pile of cards just sitting around:

As you can see it is not the regular issue card of Murph from 1987 Donruss but is actually one of the cards on the bottom of the wax boxes.

I consider the regular version to be the best card in the set:

It has that Mantlesque pose to it.

The back of the box bottom card:

Obviously a different stock of paper but it brought to mind how cheap Topps stock was back then compared to the other companies.

Wouldn't it have been nice to have had Topps cards that had nice bright stock, like their traded sets?

If you have ever held 1987 Topps and 1987 O-Pee-Chee next to each other and looked at the backs it really makes you hate Topps for stiffing us on the quality for so many years.

The O-Pee Chee backs are really neat since they almost look like currency when you look real close at them. They have squiggles and specks of color in them like a dollar does.

Unlike Topps stock, Murphy's chances at the Hall will hopefully rise as the voting gets closer. His family is pushing for it hard this year and I hope he gets in.

He wasn't a great for 15 years. It was actually about 6 or 7, but look at some of the hall of famers in the Hall and see how many of them are in there just for a few great years. Hal Newhouser(who did his damage while the greats were fighting a war), Dizzy Dean, Joe Gordon, Lloyd Waner, Jim Bottomley, Ross Youngs, Chick Hafey, High Pockets Kelly, Travis Jackson, Freddie Lindstrom, and quite a few others only had 2-5 year runs that got them in. If any of these guys are in than Murphy belongs as well.

The Hall needs to figure out what the Fame part means.

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The Card We All Wanted To Pull

1990 Topps Frank Thomas no name on front:

Sadly, I don't have one yet.

But thanks to the cloning tool in GIMP, you can have one as well!

Here's the one we all have:

I couldn't force myself to pay $500 for the no name version.

I would rather have 500 doubles of the correct card.

Anybody ever pull the error version?

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Scott Bankhead

This is Why We All love Topps

2001 Topps #300

2001 Topps Opening Day #93

The picture selection, of course!

Wait........I don't think that was it.

By the way, does anybody else prefer the silver and blue to the green and gold?

I like it.....

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

C'mon Fred!

2002 Topps 206 #224

Those commercials ended a long time ago.

I'm pretty sure your Tom Emansky contract is fulfilled.



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