Sunday, January 5, 2014

Nice surprise in 2013 Topps Update hanger

I'm really liking this Update series.

Tons of 'RC's and a lot of rookie inserts.

Plus the variations are always fun.

In fact, I had forgotten about the SP cards until a day later when I remembered them and went to to the best site for SP cards.

Glad I did or I never would have found this card was an SP:

Glad I bothered checking.

Was going to try to Ebay this card but I abhor that site and its draconian user policies so I used another site with slightly less draconian policies-Listia.

I set the credits high since I like the card and the ones sold on Ebay are bringing $55-80.

If it doesn't sell I might just give it away in a contest-if I ever figure out a topic good enough to make into a contest.

Stay tuned for an even rarer hit and two hanger boxes that were terribly-yet, fantastically-collated. more free stuff on Listia