Thursday, July 26, 2012

Listia Loot-Ronny 1, Joe and Bud 0

What's this thing? A blog?

Been on Listia so much I forgot about blogging.

I will start to remedy that now with a pickup I just had to get on Listia:

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Blog Design

If anybody is reading, pardon the asbestos.

I've been playing with the look of this site for a bit now and decided to go back to my corny, cheesy, geocities inspired design.

Just because.

And I like corny.

But not corn.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Listia Loot-Close Enough for now.

I picked this card up for 1,001 credits on Listia:

1989 J.J. Nissen #4

That might seem like a lot of credits but there was another card in the auction.

It's not the Mattingly we all want but it's not bad.

Just some silly, oddball card:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Listia Loot-Thoughts and Sox pickups

I was looking through Listia auctions and found some cards I liked.

I bid on them and then I saw the seller's name and thought, 'Hey, I wander if he's the same guy?'

Turned out it was Thoughts and Sox.

Nice to find a fellow blogger on there. Here's his auction page, if you wish to check out his current and future auctions.

For 603 credits I got these two cards:

Listia Loot-1980 Topps

So by now I guess most of you know about Listia.

It's a great site to pick up cards for free, if you have the credits. If you don't, list some auctions. It's fun and easy.

Here's a few 1980 Topps cards I picked up the other day that I only paid 1,700 credits for:

Monday, July 9, 2012

Listia Loot-1970 Topps Strikeout Leaders

Get used to these Listia posts because there are a few on the way.

Picked up this sweet card for 1,000 credits. I believe that might have been a bit much but credits are like monopoly money, in a way:

Can't go wrong with a Cubs player occupying the top slot on a leader card.

Plus Bob was pretty decent, too.

Listia Loot-1969 Topps Daryle Lamonica

Here's a rare football card 'purchase' for me. Quoted 'purchase' because it was obtained on Listia using credits.

This 1969 Topps Daryle Lamonica is the first football card from the '60s for me: more free stuff on Listia