Monday, July 28, 2014

Listia Loot: 1962 Topps

Picked up five 1962 Topps cards off of Listia from Napkin Doon and while they aren't in great shape they are my first '62s.

This card is in the best shape of the bunch:

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Topps pulls a fast one

Well, technically, I did the pulling which I covered in this crazy post but Topps came through quickly on one of the redemption card I pulled.

This card.........


Sunday, April 6, 2014

A trifecta, a TRIfecta, and a FOURFECTA!

Trifectas in horse racing are generally good things to have happen to you.

They are also good when it comes to baseball cards.

I recently picked up two 2013 Topps Update hanger boxes and one 2014 Topps hanger box. That's nothing special but what was in each box was.

First, I opened the 2014 Topps hanger box I got this trifecta:

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Phenomenal Fuji 'Trade'

I put the word trade in apostrophes in the title of this post because it was never meant to be a trade.

I commented to Fuji and let him know I had most of the cards he needed to finish a 1993 Upper Deck baseball set he had picked up. He sent me his address and I got the cards ready to ship and............TOTALLY forgot about them.

I know we have all done this. But I forgot about them for the better part of a year!

So, when I suddenly recalled them after looking through old emails I sent them on their way, hoping he still lived at the same address.

And he did, thank goodness.

Then I saw they had arrived safely there and he posted about the cards.

Then he mentioned in the post he was sending a package of Cubs and White Sox cards my way.

I was not expecting to get anything back for the cards since I sent them as a favor but I was excited to find that out since I root for all Chitown teams equally.

A few days later I get a package in the mail and start to open it not knowing what to expect and certainly not expecting what he ended up sending.

What I received was an insane amount of awesomeness compared to what I had sent out, including a hard to find card which only a few lucky people get to possess.

On to the cards!

First there was this card:

1994 Pinnacle The Naturals Insert more free stuff on Listia