Monday, July 11, 2016

I'll Buy That for a Dollar!

Came across these cases of cards at the local Mission Mart last summer:

Did a double take when I saw them, but, they were real.

Hard to believe they were all Griffeys so I popped them open at home and checked them out:

I don't know what you do with 200 of any card but it's neat having them.

That's over 120,000 home runs!

Been a bit since I posted here but was doing stuff not related to blogging, or collecting, or.......well, just stuff.

These cards were actually the last ones brought in to Mission Mart by (I assume) a card shop owner who just wanted to get rid of his junk cards.
As you can see from above it wasn't all junk. But I consider any card haul to be a treasure.

I will post some more cards that were dropped off over the coming weeks(and months). Hopefully.

I'm still actually sorting and cataloging all the cards since there were over 80,000 there. Took 3 carloads but I got them home.

I didn't collect zip from 1995 to 1998 so I am a little overwhelmed at all the awesome sets and cards that I missed out on.

But the seller seemed to specialize in a ton of cards from that era, in general.

Say one thing for Mission Mart, they are a very friendly barterer. Or they just needed the space back on their floor.

Sure, there was a ton of junk cards(ok, over 3/4 of them) but for the price I couldn't pass them all up. And I'm a card rat.

Next time, more cardage!


  1. Replies
    1. LOL I think it will get too expensive for everyone to partake in that one!

  2. Whatever you decide to do with those 200 Griffeys... I sure hope you decide to write a post about it. I'm imagining you using it as wallpaper for your mancave.


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