Thursday, April 26, 2012

Health and Stuff..

I usually don't like seeing the 'sorry for not posting more' bit but that would make me a


I've been on medical leave from life for about 2 weeks or so because my hiatal hernia is giving me fits like it never has before.

The doc says it's time to put that stomach thingy back where it belongs-surgically. If you don't know what hiatal hernia is, it means your stomach has pushed up through your diaphragm and into you chest cavity. This leads to panic attacks, false feeling of heart attacks, lack of proper breathing, and food being stuck in the distended part of your stomach. They say the surgery is a quick in and out thing but I am still mortified of it after reading up on the after effects.

Now that it is affecting my blood flow I have no choice but to go through with it. That's getting set up soon.

Meanwhile, instead of posting(which in my current state literally exhausts me-lightheadedness from lack of oxygen, fun fun fun)I have been busy just reading everyone else's posts. Lack of commenting aside(until recently)I really love to just read everyone else's stuff.

I won't be doing much posting for the next few weeks or so, or until I get my body back into its proper shape.

Just letting you know why I haven't posted and to show you this wasn't a fly by night blog.

Gotta go and lay down. This really sucks right now but it's nice to have this and not something worse.

Keep blogging and I'll keep reading!

Have a great day! Seriously.


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