Sunday, August 5, 2012

Catastrophical Generosity

When I commented on this post about how I was admiring his 1976 Topps cards, Cardboard Catastrophes offered me a sizable lot of his starter 1976 cards.

Of course I took him up on it. Getting a bunch of cards from a set I didn't have but a few of was like an early Christmas gift.

Many were actually a little better than starter shape.

He sent a whole bunch of Yankees.

Have a look:


                            A Yankee team set with Billy as the manager.

A Chambliss  that is wavy. Probably from heat exposure as compared to water damaged.

                               Great card, no matter what shape it's in.

                    Nice closeup of the buddha that occupied the Cubs dugout for way too many years. Worst Cubs signing-ever.

          Raised a Hall of Famer and a great backstop in the Alomar bros.

                                  This is just an awesome looking card.

                               I can see his neck.


He looks pretty lucid there.

Nothing like being named 'Mr. Past Tense'.

I love this photo. A clean looking card.

A broadcaster that can't say enough bad things about the other team.

Mean Hungarian is more like it.

                                 A cool card....times two.

A name I have heard in the past quite a few times. Surprised at the lack of stats for as much as I have heard of him.

Here's a card that makes me think of one card which was made 10 years later and that I seemed to pull in every pack. But it was just one of a few action shots in that set:

1986 Topps

Wake up! You're supposed to be watching the cutting machine!

These are the unis the Sox are rockin' on Sundays this year.

Compared to his peers in this era of do whatever you want, Rawly appears pretty straight-laced.............

......and then there is Rick here, who appears to fit right in with everyone else back then.

This is the only Cookie on my computer that isn't tracking everything I'm doing on the internetz.

Here are a bunch of guys I never heard of but am happy to have cards of:

Welcome to my home, dudes.

Neat little subset. Junior talks on the back about his father being the inspiration to play ball. never would have figured that one out.

Here's Frank flying solo and.................... he is sitting atop the big whiffers of the day. Looking at their faces I would have to say one of them whiffed really good.

One could assume Steve was on the NL strikeout leaders card.

That's a pretty Fisked up Carlton, but I'll take it anyday.

Just about the coolest 70's guy I can think of. Am I right or is my memory just shot?

Never been to Camden Yards. How good is his BBQ?

 So close to the Hall yet quite a ways away.

I'll bet he looked 60 the day he was born.

Seems like every year Dennis had more complete games than wins.

"Well, doc, what kind of surgery do I need?"
"We've never done it before so we don't know, exactly"
"You doctors are smart. I'm sure you'll come up with a fancy name for it."

I figure at that angle of the field Dave would have to hit the ball 600 feet in the air for it to be a home run. No wonder they were always stealing home back then. You didn't want to be anywhere near that plate when a guy came sliding in at 60 mph.

 I guess bunting would be out of the question, too.

Was the 'in' thing when he came up but, despite a solid start, he found the exit door pretty fast.

A solid pitcher for many years became an elite golfer for many, many years.

Might still be at it, too.

Two guys I heard about but never saw. Back of the cards didn't give me much of a reason to know about them.

Long time reliever who usually went 3+ innings to get the save or win.

Had some really good years with the ATL.

I'm sure that mark doesn't stand anymore.

The Human Rain Delay carried that tradition into his managerial career  when he walked out to yank a pitcher from the game.

Can't help but think of Joe Don Baker when seeing Bob.

And lastly, we have Bert here. Sorry, Bert. I know you did good things in your career. I just don't remember them any more. Remember your own damn stuff, Bert!

I really loved getting these. Just shuffling through them and feeling all the dog ears and creases made me appreciate them more because they were obviously enjoyed by their former owner(s).

Thanks very much to Mr. Catastrophe for these awesome cards.

I plan to hit him right back with some cards from a set that rhymes with
'Pop's Tall Lime Tan Savor Its'.

Keep an eye on your mailbox, Disaster Man.

Thanks for reading!


  1. What you really need to know about Carty is that he could just plain hit. Unfortunately, he just couldn't stay healthy.

    1. Yeah, I just was confused as to why I heard his name quite a bit but then looking at his stats and saying, "That's it?"

      Figured it was health after going over the stats on the card again.

      And you know how fun it is to read the '76 backs.

      Now I need to go stare into a lamp for half an hour to regain my sight! lol


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