Thursday, March 7, 2013

Computers are fun!!!!!!!!!:::((((((

Haven't posted here for a bit because of health and the fact that my computer recently ate itself.

Seriously, it really did eat itself.

I tried importing songs into Rhythmbox on Ubuntu by adding three hard drives and clicking OK.

Big mistake.

For some unknown reason which I have yet to fathom it sent my entire root directory into the trash bin. Rhythmbox said they were all corrupted files, so I deleted them.

What they were were all my pictures, songs, videos, scans, documents, system files and my Windows 7 partition.

Let's just say I have been in a bit of a funk for a week.

Good news is that I just used Windows 7 for Steam and playing GTA and Borderlands 1 and 2. I can just redownload those.

The linux partition which I deleted accidentally is a different beast.

I reinstalled Ubuntu from a backup dvd I made of my system back in October but that only included the OS and my config files from my home directory.

I had backed up all my pictures and documents to Ubuntu One cloud but I had stopped backing up in July so that left a big hole in my pictures and scans.

I had already uploaded all my music to Google Play Cloud, which is awesome, but there are a few which weren't uploaded recently.

I reinstalled to the partition Windows 7 had been on and did not touch my still empty linux one.

I then ran all kinds of recovery tools like testdisk, scalpel and the best one, photorec.

Photorec proceeded to recover 657,000 files off my old Ubuntu partition. Sounds great, right?


They all have extensions on the ends but the file names were not preserved, they were just numbered in the order in which they were found.

It's a huge mess but as I slowly go through all the files and find most of the pictures and scans are fine, I realize all the song files are corrupt. Oh well, I'll just redownload them from Google Play, I guess.

I've been reading everyone else's posts on Google Reader until I have got this installation of Ubuntu back to how I had it.

If you use Rhythmbox, do me a favor and punch it in the face, for me.


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