Thursday, February 6, 2014

Not so fast, Mr. Morales!

Just opened my first two hanger boxes of 2014 Topps and I like the overall product.

I love the fact that there are more parallel sets, especially the yellow border cards.

There are a lot of good action shots in the set and many great photos overall.

But one card stands out, not for the action, but for what is happening on the card.

First a recap of why the card is interesting:

That is Kendrys Morales, formerly of the Angels.

That is a player experiencing the highest of highs as a ball player and immediately suffering the biggest agony of da feet(had to say it). Or rather a broken leg, from celebrating the event.

According to this article it made the Angels adopt a plan that they have used since that day.

Which brings us to the card:

Here we see a Morales that is being cautioned to slow down while entering the group of teammates.

I guess the Mariners are in the process of adopting a similar philosophy to celebrating.

No agony on this day, Mr. Morales.

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