Sunday, April 6, 2014

A trifecta, a TRIfecta, and a FOURFECTA!

Trifectas in horse racing are generally good things to have happen to you.

They are also good when it comes to baseball cards.

I recently picked up two 2013 Topps Update hanger boxes and one 2014 Topps hanger box. That's nothing special but what was in each box was.

First, I opened the 2014 Topps hanger box I got this trifecta:

Now we all know Topps can have funny collation in their product and I've noticed the hanger boxes are particularly ridden with duplicates.

But getting a trifecta of regular, blue and yellow in the same box really is really bad collation. Or really good.

Here's the TRIfecta I got after opening the first box of 2013 Update:

Now that might be really bad collation but I would take that in every box I ever opened from here on out.

Sonny is looked upon to step it up after Jarrod Parker had to have season ending surgery.

Now the first box was neat.

The second was sweet.

But the second box of 2013 Update was an insanely great FOURFECTA!:


Are you kidding me?!

How does this happen?

I will take it!

The Gomes got some coffee on it after I spilled it on the card.

Already typed in the codes and the cards will be here in 4-8 .....years. Maybe sooner.

Oh yeah, the last box had this card right behind all the autos:

Just a ridiculous hanger box!

I don't think I will come across another run of trifectas like this ever again.

But I would welcome it greatly!


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