Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The greatest, most insane, mind boggling season.......EVER!!!!!!

This is Jorge Polanco:

He came up to the Twins as a 20 year old straight from single A, which is impressive.

But what he did in the minors in 2013 will forever defy the laws of nature physics and.....math........

The back of the card shows very little stats:

But the most amazing season(EVER!!!!) is revealed when you look closer:

Yes! you are reading those amazing numbers right! 

Let's break it down in bullet points(They're blanks so they won't hurt):
  • Games: 17
  • At Bats:7
  • Runs:2
  • Hits:100...........   .1!
  • Doubles:85
  • Triples:40
  • Home Runs:37
  • RBIs:19
  • Stolen Bases:86!
  • Walks:0!
  • Slugging:.000
  • OPS:1.04
  • AVG:.332
  • WAR:---------------------------------
That's right! In 17 games he had 100 hits and 162 of those were for extra bases! Math does not exist any longer!

All that in only 7 at bats! Just think what a full year would
have looked like!

37 homers and only 19 RBI's. Hey, that's single A for you.

And 86 bases swiped while walking not one time!

Lest we forget about his slugg.........wait....what?


Never mind everybody! It appears somebody has tried to pull one on us.

Nothing to see here. Go on about your day.

But really, a 7-2 record with 86 k's to only 19 walks and a 1.04 WHIP is a decent season.

Any takers on whose stats those might be?


  1. It looks like Tyler Lyons' 2013 minor league pitching statline.


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