Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2011 Topps Jumbo Pack

Went to the local Kmart to check out the card aisle. Didn't have any 2012 Topps cards in but I wasn't going to buy any if they did.

They did have some 2011 Topps  Series 1 Jumbo packs of 36 at a discounted price.

So I picked one out and here are the goods:

Kimball Champions #7

Teh Shineeeee parralel
Diamond Duos DD-MP

Topps 60 #21

60 Year of Topps 1960 Stan Musial
Original Back

60 Years of Topps #37

And here is another goodie:

I don't know if the Mick is an SP or what but I like it. That would have been neat if it was a different Yankee then what Topps throws in every year.

I also pulled a Diamond Giveaway code(series 1) and it still worked. 2007 Topps Mike Mussina.

I dug up a silver Diamondbacks ring. I wish they had an animation where it showed the ring being reburied if you didn't want it.       

Well, that's not the worst $4.00  you can blow on cards.

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