Thursday, February 9, 2012

I started collecting....

26 years ago. Right around this time of the year. This is the guy(and card) that got me started:

I continued to collect through 1995 and then forgot about the hobby for 4 years until I saw this

Then I went on an Ebay selling binge and sold tons of cards(all sports) up until 2004. This is the last set I purchased cards from back then:

I totally forgot about cards until this set:

And ever since then I have been buying and collecting cards.

Except this year. 

Here is the last set I collected:

Here is the set I don't know about yet whether I want anything to do with it:

The photos seem to be solid and I do like the backs, but the surfboard is ugly and breaks the whole symmetry of the card front.

Plus there is all the crap inserts, save a few. I like the '87 minis but that is about it.

I really hope this set doesn't send me to another 4-5 year exit from the hobby I love.

Maybe just a 4-5 year gap between buying new sets, most likely. 

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