Saturday, June 30, 2012

1998 Cubs Convention Set Part 1

Seeing as how I have yet to finish this series or this conclusion I should not be posting about another set.

I'll get around to finishing those posts sooner rather than later but really just wanted to show this set to anyone that might want to check it out.

I found it in a box of cards I had totally forgot about in the basement, along with a few autos that had been forgotten for a long time.

I picked it up at the Cubs convention(duh) when it rolled through Peoria in 1998. It came in a paper box with a sticker holding the front flap shut.
I believe there are 30 cards in the set but they are not numbered and the box is long gone so who knows.

It has the thinnest stock of any card you can imagine. They measure about 4X3.5 inches in size so they are just an odd set to care for.

The design isn't to bad except the side 'base lines' make the card look square. The backs have a brief summary and career stats on back.

The Hawk, up above, is but one of the HOF'ers in this set.

We also have:

Harry Caray
 Whenever Harry did the name spelled backwards thing during the game I loved it when Terry Tata was at home plate because hearing Harry say 'AtAt' was fun because he had no idea how many people looked up at the tv when he said that.

There is also:

NNOOOO!!!!!!!(Brant Brown dropped ball)

Sweet Swingin'

Let's Play Two.......not this year, Ernie

Jack started his career in the booth for WMBD radio in Peoria in 1937 doing the Bradley Braves basketball games. WMBD stands for 'World's Most Beautiful Drive' which is what Franklin Roosevelt said after taking a jaunt on Grandview Drive, overlooking the Illinois River valley. It is nice but it must have looked better back then because I have driven in and around San Diego and the surrounding hills and that's pretty awesome.

It also includes other players that weren't Hall bound but were popular:

Both of these players played in multiple cities for multiple years in each one.
The Outfield Greats title is a tad bit of a stretch or otherwise they would be in the Hall, right?

These next two cards honored 4 of the key players on the 1969 Cubs:

and two of the better known players from that ill fated team:

Beckert and Kessinger were the Tinkers to Evers of the late 60's-early 70's.
They both had just enough bat to help out but they were there for picking the ball, not ripping the ball.

This next card honors the Cubs no hitters and the guys who threw them:

Carlos Zambrano is the most recent Cub to throw one.

The next 10 card installment will continue to look back at the past and also look at what the future would possibly hold for the Cubs.

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  1. They are a nice set considering it was just for the convention.


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