Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do You Have A Card Critter?

Do you have a card critter?

A doll, figurine, or toy you have just sitting on your desk or card space?

Up above in the pic is mine. Just some bendable doll I picked up at goodwill a couple of years ago. He was a dime buy and he has been on my desk ever since I got him.

He doesn't have a name yet but depending how things go for a certain Cub player tonight I might be calling him Rizzo. I will decide after the game so as not to jinx the kid.

This is where I have been keeping him so he can keep an eye on things:

He also helps out with organizing cards, which is nice of him:

 Sometimes he's just outright ornery:

That's partly my fault for not feeding him, I guess. I didn't know I was supposed to.

So, do you have a Card Critter?

If you do, tell us about him or her on your site. after seeing all the bobbleheads on some of your blogs I'm sure I'm not the only collector with one.


  1. I have a pantsless Chipper Jones doll who is missing one shoe.

    1. Thanks for letting me know because I forgot who gave me this post idea.

      Thanks for the idea.

      Boy, if only naked Chipper could talk.

      And now I'll be trying to figure out where his other shoe is.


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