Saturday, June 2, 2012

What Are They Thinking?

Gary Carter: "I see some autographs need to be signed."

Kevin Gross: "What should I use today, 30 grit or 20 grit?"

John Candelaria: He's not. He's baked. As in industrial-sized conveyor belt oven baked.

Tommy Lasorda: "Now that I have exercised, prepare my spaghettitorium."

Orel Hershiser: "Aw shucks, you took my picture. Prepare for my foot. You choose where."

Bob Ojeda?: "I might be some guy named Bob, or I might not, but, I'm here in the bigs and I ain't going to say nothin' til someone calls me out on it."

Orel isn't kidding about his foot, either. Only one guy had a more competitive spirit than Bulldog.

And Tommy wasn't just good at managing and managing to eat. Have a look at the back of the card:

Impressive career stats. Not the managing W-L record. Take a look above that.

Look at his BB totals for his minor league career. Holy crap! That comes out to five walks per nine innings. It's a wonder his ERA was below 4.00.

"Hi. I'm Tommy Lasorda, and I never met a home plate I've ever liked. But I've come across many other plates that I've loved."

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