Monday, July 9, 2012

Listia Loot-1970 Topps Strikeout Leaders

Get used to these Listia posts because there are a few on the way.

Picked up this sweet card for 1,000 credits. I believe that might have been a bit much but credits are like monopoly money, in a way:

Can't go wrong with a Cubs player occupying the top slot on a leader card.

Plus Bob was pretty decent, too.

The only thing wrong with it is a slight overcut on the top of the card. I don't care.

I love it.

Check the back:

There sure seem to be a ton of 200 K guys here. I like how four Cubs are in the top 20. Yes, Selma was a Padre for most of the season, but he counts as a Cub. Gotta give me something, I'm a Cubs fan.

More Listia cards to come..........

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