Thursday, July 26, 2012

Listia Loot-Ronny 1, Joe and Bud 0

What's this thing? A blog?

Been on Listia so much I forgot about blogging.

I will start to remedy that now with a pickup I just had to get on Listia:

Ended up to be over 1500 credits but I didn't care.

My new favorite card.

Besides, it was the appropriate time to get it.

You can see the eight year old kid in his eyes.

Only see that face on a few major leaguers these days.

Bud Selig reading the inscription on his HoF plaque felt like a low blow. Why didn't they go rock bottom and let Joe Morgan read it? Would have been ironic.

Well, he's in for life now, Bud and Joe.


  1. Great card of Santo in his prime. Nice pickup.

    1. Thanks. My first Santo card, to boot.


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