Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Listia Loot-1980 Topps

So by now I guess most of you know about Listia.

It's a great site to pick up cards for free, if you have the credits. If you don't, list some auctions. It's fun and easy.

Here's a few 1980 Topps cards I picked up the other day that I only paid 1,700 credits for:

Aren't they beautiful?

What's that? You said I got taken for a ride on this auction?

Oh, really? Well:

I got America's worst announcer, baseball's worst manager, the best human clown I've ever seen and the guy who bribed Topps to put him on a card for umpteen years!

What's that? I still got hosed?

I also got:

Three, count them, three checklists! Now you know I made out well on this auction.

What, you still feel that is a bad deal?

Fine. Here:

 Those are nice pickups, No?

Oh, you agree?

You say there are quite a few good managers in there?

Yes there are. Except Bobby Mattick. Nature called, I guess.

So you think it was a solid deal? You do? Alrighty then.

There were some more cards in the lot o' cards. Care to see them?

Nothing special or anything, just some players who actually led their leagues:

 And then there were some guys who hadn't even done anything yet and they got cards of their own. I want a card of my own, too:

Turns out some of those guys did eventually earn being on these cards, although some of them look fake if you look at them. I'm talking to you, Pete Ladd and David Patterson.

There were a few other cards of some guys that did really well:

And then there were these guys, who were a little better at this game then the guys up above:

I rather fancy Mr. Dawson's card up there.

And then there was a card included that was a 'rookie' card of some new guy who played for a team that wore green:

Rickey? No, I not him.



Nope, I think he played baseball.

I like the backs of those 1982 Topps football cards.

And finally, there was maybe the best card:

It's a nice looking card, but the party's in...I mean on......the back:

I'll admit I wished I was Brian Bosworth when I was younger.

I wonder if Brian Bosworth wishes he was still that Brian Bosworth now?

Who knows.

Thanks goes to collectortrev for the great cards.

1,700 credits got me a bunch of cards I didn't have or have never seen so I'm going to say it was worth it to me.

When it comes down to it, that's all that matters.

Thanks for reading!

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