Saturday, June 30, 2012

1998 Cubs Convention Set Part 2

This is a continuation of the posting of the Convention set the Cubs handed out at the 1998 convention.

The first post covered the Hall of Famers and other distinguished Cubs, and this post will continue with the rest of the earlier players and end with what, at the time, were considered to be the future of the Cubs.

First there are two Alumni Club cards:

1998 Cubs Convention Set Part 1

Seeing as how I have yet to finish this series or this conclusion I should not be posting about another set.

I'll get around to finishing those posts sooner rather than later but really just wanted to show this set to anyone that might want to check it out.

I found it in a box of cards I had totally forgot about in the basement, along with a few autos that had been forgotten for a long time.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

What Are They Thinking?

Gary Carter: "I see some autographs need to be signed."

Kevin Gross: "What should I use today, 30 grit or 20 grit?"

John Candelaria: He's not. He's baked. As in industrial-sized conveyor belt oven baked.

Tommy Lasorda: "Now that I have exercised, prepare my spaghettitorium."

Orel Hershiser: "Aw shucks, you took my picture. Prepare for my foot. You choose where."

Bob Ojeda?: "I might be some guy named Bob, or I might not, but, I'm here in the bigs and I ain't going to say nothin' til someone calls me out on it."

Orel isn't kidding about his foot, either. Only one guy had a more competitive spirit than Bulldog.

And Tommy wasn't just good at managing and managing to eat. Have a look at the back of the card:

Impressive career stats. Not the managing W-L record. Take a look above that.

Look at his BB totals for his minor league career. Holy crap! That comes out to five walks per nine innings. It's a wonder his ERA was below 4.00.

"Hi. I'm Tommy Lasorda, and I never met a home plate I've ever liked. But I've come across many other plates that I've loved."

There Is A Reason He's Smiling........

There Is A Reason He's Smiling:

He's just relieved. more free stuff on Listia