Thursday, May 31, 2012

Audio Artistry: The Samples-The Last Drag

The Samples  are in my opinion one of the most obscure, underrated bands from the last 25 years.

I first heard the song Everytime at a Coop records in Peoria in 1993. I asked the clerk who was playing and he said "It's The Samples".

I said '"A sample of what?"

He laughed and said "No, the band is called The Samples".

After feeling a bit stupid I went over to where the tape section was and picked up the album The Last Drag.

As soon as I left the store it was already playing in my car. It stayed in there for weeks.

I listen to it once in awhile now but back then every song sounded like perfection. Now I wish I had bought the cd, which is impossible to track down.

I thought this album would go gold and be the popular music of that summer but it just never got mainstream. I guess when you are a small town band from Colorado it never works that way.

But they have been pretty successful and have a cult following.

This song always makes me think of the setting sun, cows in the fields, a tractor harvesting crops, and a general evening on a farm. You'll understand why when you here it:

Have a great weekend!

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