Friday, May 18, 2012

Happy Trails, Kerry

It was announced today that Kerry Wood is set to retire very soon, most likely after he pitches one more time. That will happen sometime during the Crosstown Series against the Cubs and White Sox.

During his heyday, Sammy Sosa was the most popular Cub. But he wasn't the most revered Cub.

That title belonged to Kerry Wood.

A true professional in every sense of the word, he never displayed any negative emotions except recently when he left a ballgame and threw his glove into the crowd. That was frustration of his own failure and wasn't aimed at anyone else. Being hurt probably has a bit to do with that.

Most fans of the game believe Don Larsen's perfect game in the World Series was the best pitched game ever.

 I don't agree.

I believed the best game of pitching occurred in May of 1998. A twenty year old from Texas with DNA borrowed from Nolan Ryan showed the world what it meant to be in the zone and at the top of your profession.

After the first couple innings you could see the look in the eyes of the Astros players and see they were defeated before they even stepped in the box for their second at bats against this kid.

What Kerry did to the Houston Astros on that cold, dank, typical spring day at Wrigley was nasty.

Apparently, he was given the ok to use a wiffleball during the game.
  • 9innings
  • 0 hits
  • 20 strikeouts
  • 0 walks
  • 1 badly scored dribbler of a hit that was ruled a hit instead of the error it was.
The most impressive thing of that day was his curveball. There's only been one curve since I saw that game that even comes close to his-Rick Ankiel. His curve was breaking 20 inches that day and the last strikeout and out of the game was a ball that started out heading for the inside part of the plate then breaking to the left handed batting box-still probably the greatest pitch I have ever seen.

It was a wiffle ball.

Here's to Kerry Wood. For bringing pride and honor to the Cubs for all the time he was here.

Thanks, Kid K.

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