Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Over at Nick's ridiculously awesome blog he made a post about why we write. I won't tell you why I write right(is that some kind of pun?)here because I said why in all the comments I dropped on his comments section of that post(sorry Nick).

He also brought up the subject of comments(or lack thereof) on some posts. I had that same feeling when I made a huge, studied post and no one said a word. Could also just be my fabulous writing abilities(for a fifth grader).

But I realized there is a reason why most of our posts don't get comments:

                                            Don't restrict people from making them.

What that means is relax your commenting security. Just a bit. I have found that sometimes when I go to comment and I fill the comment in and then the crapcha comes up I don't feel like trying to read that gibberish with these blind eyes and just forget about the comment.

My blog isn't read that much so that might be why I don't have one single spam comment yet. But here is what I have set up so commenting is easy for the reader and safe from most spamming at the same time. Go to your Blogger Dashboard or settings page and go to the settings link on the bottom left.

Here is how I have it setup for better commenting for the reader with a good shield against spam:
  •  Who can comment?     Registered User-Includes Open ID
  • Comment Moderation?   -Never
  • Show Word Verification?  -Never
That's how I have it on my blog and I haven't had one instance of spam or abuse.

It doesn't hurt to write a thanks for commenting note either.

Just thought you might want to rethink your commenting guidelines if comments inspire you in your blogging journey. Feedback is nice though, isn't it?

Thanks for reading.


  1. The word verification things pisses me off and makes me not want to comment. I don't have it selected and have only got 1 or 2 junk comments in 3 years.

    1. And even when I go ahead and fill the crapcha out I swear it is right but then it just reloads another one.

      It's telling me I suck at reading.

      Is there a way to physically punch a captcha?

  2. Plus I cna't comment form work on a blog that has the word verification turned on.

  3. Although it does give you a chance to catch your spelling mistakes on your comments...

    1. I still use Snarfer to read blogs and commenting on it is a dicey affair. I can't use the Backspace button because it uses IE's engine to render and it just goes back to the link page so when I misspell(that's an odd looking word)I just leave or I have to retype the whole comment. Snarfer is still the fastest, most intuitive RSS client,in my opinion, so I guess leaving a spelling tsunami of a comment is better than no comment, Although it makes me look like an idiot(pssssstt....don't tell anyone, I really am).

  4. Thanks for the how-to on removing the word verification. I probably could have figured it out but would have just kept putting it off. But I just went through and fixed mine. Thanks!


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