Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Results of Willie Mays Card Contest

The set in the Willie Mays contest was correctly identified as 2000/01 Fleer Tradition Glossy Basketball by Chunter and his alter ego Chunter.  A two blog collector that will come at you from the right and the left.  You can't stop him, you can only hope.........alright, I'm done.

Here is the set:

2000/01 Fleer Tradition Glossy

And here is a pic of how curvy they are:

Anytime a card can stand on its own two feet you have to admire that.

And here is a bad pic of the gloss:

A simple fix would have been a single coat of varnish to the backs or heavier stock.

So, congrats to Chunter on the correct answer. He's double holstered and......okay!.....I'll stop.

And check out his blogs. Did I mention he has two of them....../ducks.


  1. Aha, thanks Cory! -My right-hand blog is Chipp 'n' Dale but I do fairly regularly contribute over at Things done to Cards!

    1. No Problem! Just shoot me an email(check my profile page) and I'll send Willie out to you. Just make sure the postman tosses it to you in a way that makes you catch it over the back style.


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