Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dumbest Inserts Ever

These came inside a couple of blasters I picked up and were in a separate wrapper, one per blaster.

You've all seen them but not one of us has figured out what they are good for:

Such useless cards.

No history is involved here. Nor is the stitching of historic value.

Just histrionics by Topps.


  1. They obviously have the stitching technology down, whether it be useless monogramming on fake jersey cloth or on fake glove leather. So why not just go ahead and revive the Penn Emblem Patches or the 1914 B-18 Blankets? Either would fit Topps retro obsession and would be more interesting than useless cursive surnames or patches invented by the creative department for random events and milestones.

    1. I think a glossy picture in the middle of actual flannel would be better than what Topps thought was a good insert idea.


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