Sunday, October 14, 2012

Topps Without Borders-2012

I thought I would start a little project where I remove the borders from the card design which Topps has put out every year.

I guess the there's no better place to start than the present, as in the 2012 offering:

2012 Topps Michael Taylor
Not the best cropping job but you get the drift.

It looks okay, but the white borders seem to give the set a bit of an overall better design than just colored borders.

And I imagine the borders would make it hard to find mint cards after a few years, even though it seems Topps really lets the presses run more and more every year.

It would be neat if these were inserts.

Has anybody else ever wondered what is going on with Taylor's belly? It's either a big hernia or Sigourney Weaver is just out of shot of the camera.

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