Friday, October 26, 2012

Topps Without Borders-2008

I am removing the borders from the Topps designs year by year.

This time it is 2008:

2008 Topps Matt Murton
 Yeah, it looks terrible, but as I alluded to in the 2009 post, the photo is much bigger like this and you can actually make out the player!

Still can't make up for that hideous hanging Topps bulge over the photo. That bulge is the main reason the picture looks small in the first place and it kept this set from being a classic.

Up next, 2007 Topps.


  1. If you removed all of the white and had the team name & player name directly on the photo it might not look too bad.


    1. "It's sad when a collector has a better design for our 2008 flagship set than our entire design staff."

      -Topps president Michael Eisner, when asked about unclemoe's comment.


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