Tuesday, October 9, 2012

GIMP'ing Around

I like to play around with GIMP, which is a free photo manipulation program which you can use to play around with different looks on cards.

For instance, here is a regular 2012 Topps card of Jayson Werth:

Here it is in Turkey Red style:

And in newspaper style:

This style seems like a Bazooka or Topps Kids or Sports Illustrated Kids card:

Here is a tribute to 1990's Pepsi cans:

Something of a tribute, anyways.

A guess who? card:

A cutout card on a cereal box:

A diamond sparkle card:

Topps Gallery style:

And a scratch board parallel design:

See? It's fun to play with it.

These are all just stock settings and I'm sure somebody who uses it more than me can really knock out some snazzy designs.

Give it a try sometime.

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