Sunday, August 11, 2013

Listia Loot: 1966 Topps Ken Henderson?

This is Ken:

I picked him up for 300 or so credits on Listia. Not in great condition but it is a vintage card which was worth picking up. Just because.

Here's the back:

Now Ken might have been an excellent golfer but I can't figure out by looking at his anemic stats how the write up praises him so highly.

Was his dad a senator?

Did he have his own PR group?

Did he have something on the writer? Or, better yet, Topps?

You tell me because I don't get it.

And how do you only hit .179 in the PCL?

I think we need a congressional investigation to get to the bottom of this. Wait, they all skipped town for a bit.

300 credits. And a mystery which will go on long after this card turns to dust.

(Cue Robert Stack dialogue.....and music).

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