Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Topps Without Borders - 1996

I am removing the borders from the Topps designs year by year.

This time it is 1996.

1996 Topps is not a great set but it's good enough for me.

While the colorless second photo of the face on the front is really tacky I do like the backs with a full bodied second photo.

Not as cool as Diamond Vision and the even smaller player photo on the back of 1995 Topps but it works.

Here's the design with border:

And without:

Side by side:

I don't think this looks good at all.

The clean white border really holds the design together but without it it looks messy.

And that face shot is even bigger now.


It does have an early '90's Donruss quality about it though. That doesn't help it much to say that about it.

I would have to say there is no design to the card without the white border.

Coming up next, 1995 Topps.

This one is going to take some work to get right with the squiggly borders.

We'll see.......

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