Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Somebody could have brought them a uniform...........

1992 Bowman is an awesome set in terms of value and looks.

But couldn't Topps have given the photographer some spare uniforms for the newly drafted players?

I know for sure that I wore each of these styles back in the early 90's:

I had the exact same shirt Cepicky is wearing.

Or maybe Topps had their own scouting department and had the dope on these guys and figured it would save money by not giving them unis?

Just wish I had the Mariano Rivera card:

Yeah, Topps definitely should have sent him a uniform.

There are a bunch more of the uniless players in this set but these are all I can take without bringing back the hell of high school.

Maybe Topps will make a 25th anniversary set of 1992 Bowman in 2017 and have everyone dressed in 1990's clothes.

Just imagine the jersey patches.


  1. A 25th anniversary set would be hilariously brilliant.

    1. With a parallel set featuring the designs of the Pepsi cans from the 90's.


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