Friday, November 16, 2012

Billy Herman was a Beast!

Check out this 1993 Ted Williams Card Company Billy Herman card:

I knew he was a Hall of Famer who was a great fielder with a very solid bat, but I didn't know it was this solid:

Wow! Check out those HRs, RBIs, and AVGs.

He was killing it!

Wait a second.....Bos-A? I thought he was a Cub.

He was.

Those numbers just happen to belong to some guy named Williams:

No, not the homeless dude.

This one:

Yeah, that one.

Looks like the intern at Ted's Card Co. wasn't very knowledgeable about baseball.

But to their credit, the internet wasn't really the internet yet.

I liked how that set listed the top 5 years of the card subject's career.

Here are Billy Herman's numbers: NUMBERS

Pretty solid hitting, just not quite the stats listed on his card.

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