Monday, November 26, 2012

Topps Without Borders-2002

I am removing the borders from the Topps designs year by year.

This time it is 2002.

I hate this set.

With border:

And without(for the most part):

Not that it's a bad thing, but this set seems like it should be a team set design for the Giants. How cool would that have been if 2002 Topps was color coded to each team?

A lot cooler than it actually was.

I hate this set.

Yes, we know it is 2002 Topps! Did you have to plaster it on the front?

Without most of the putrid border the set looks fabulous! Not really, but since it is 2002 Topps, yes, it looks fabulous!

Here in all its resplendent glory, is 2002 Topps in side by side mode:

Did I mention that I hate this set?

Up next, a much better color choice, 2001 Topps.

Thanks for reading this post about this awful set.


  1. Ugh. You had to use a Tony Gwynn card to reel me in, even though I knew it was an '02 Topps! MAN, those are hideous! This is why I can't collect ALL the Padres team sets. Who would want to look at a few solid pages of that puke?

    1. Because only the power of Tony could overcome the putridity of this design. :)

      I don't know if putridity is a word but it is now.

      Plus, it's Gwynnsday today!


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