Saturday, November 24, 2012

I'm R.A. Dickey!

R.A. Powers

I throw a knuckle ball!

I climbed to the top of a really big mountain!

I won the Cy Young!

I'm really shiny!

I have a baseball! I'm gonna give it to you right now!

I have a mullet!

I play for the Mets!...................yeah, I play for the Mets.

Darn it. I was so amped up about my life 'til I remembered where I play.


  1. Plus, dammit, his name is Dickey! The Mets haven't had a player with a name that much fun to say since Benny Agbayani. I also like it when Duda and Dickey are mentioned in the same sentence. As a Mets fan, you take any bit of joy you can get.

    1. Cubs fan here. No joy in this corner of the baseball world for a while yet, either.

      Good thing Duda isn't a catcher.

      Having the announcer announce the battery for that game would draw a few snickers from those viewing, perhaps even the broadcaster himself.


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