Thursday, January 31, 2013

2013 Topps Hanger Box with Odd Insert Ratio?

I am so happy to be the hundred and seventy-eighth blogger to bring you a look at fresh 2013 Topps product.

Bought a hanger box at Walmart like everybody has in the last two days and came across a very odd selection of inserts. More about that later.

Got one of these..........

 .....and immediately tried out the website.

Here is what came up(I added the site to the image):
Guess I'll worry about that later.

Here is a common card to show you what they look like:

One thing that sticks out to me is the lines added behind the team logo.

I had not noticed those at all in all the images I had seen until today.

It really makes me more excited about the cards now because I thought it was just white space but now it really fills out the design.

Here's a scan of a card back:

Not too bad.

Kept the baseball field motif from the front which ties the two sides together which Crackin' Wax pointed out in his video. And he also pointed out a different feel to the cards, which I can attest to. They feel a bit thinner.

With my eyes as bad as they are some of the bios and the Career Chase fact are hard to read but not a terrible overall back.

Here are some of the base set cards which are either stars/rookies or just plain awesome shots:

Favorite card of the year!
Rockin' the stirrups and, apparently, a home run
Great color coordination here-and logos too!
Dodgers seem to have the best color match

Bad year, great card
Clean looking card!

Beast or bust. You never know.
Another gritty player for Arizona.

Here's to good health!

A technicality is not vindication nor a reason to act as if it is.
You're lucky I put you on here Ryan!

Here is the 1972 style mini I got:

I love this set. I was born in 1972 and only have one card from the real set.

By collecting this set I will claim this as my birth year set.

Here's the back:

So much better than last years 1987 set.

Full stats and uses the true color from the original set. Last year's backs were way too dark.

Here is a Chasing the Dream insert:

Which reminds me of this set from 2001 Topps:

Thick card is.......thick.
And I also got two cool Emerald parallels:

I like the Emeralds but am going to grab any and all Pink parallels that I can. They are mesmerizing to me since it is such a different choice of color than we are used to seeing.

Now here's where the oddly worded title of the post comes in regarding odd insert ratios(still odd).

I got one silver foiled Chasing History card:

Nice card. Looks great in person.

But then I got all these:

All four of these cards are gold foil with holographic backgrounds and are parallels of the silver foil cards.

The thing is, why did I get four of them in one hanger pack?

I assume everybody got these in abundance in their hanger boxes but if you didn't I would like to know why I did. Maybe the sorter goofed up and tossed them in their together?

Whatever it was I'm glad I have them as they are great in person.

Here's a picture of the shininess:

Definitely might go after this set too.

Overall, I think 2013 Topps is very solid. Did not see any thing that would give me pause about buying a ton of it throughout this year.

Except for the Camouflage parallel. That's just awful.

The good thing about the SP cards is that they are fairly easy to spot since they all involve players leaning into the stands to catch balls. I believe the name is Out Of Bounds Baseballs(OOBB).

Of course, I am calling them Baseballs Out Of Bounds(BOOBS).

Bought a blaster box too and will break it down and to say it is a letdown from the hanger box is an understatement. But the Patch card I pulled evened it up a bit.

Well, go bust some packs! :)


  1. I look forward to finding some BOOBS myself.

    It seems the Chasing History inserts you get depend on how you buy your packs. This is what I've gleaned from reading everyone's blog posts:

    1 - Regular/silver banner versions are the only kind that come in hobby and blaster packs but are not exclusive to them.

    2 - Refractor/silver banner versions come exclusively in rack packs, two per pack.

    3 - Refractor/gold banner versions come exclusively in hanger boxes, four per box.

    I could very well be way off, but from what I've seen, I think I'm pretty close.

    1. Thanks for the info!

      Now it makes sense.

      You would think the refractor versions would be more rare than 4 per box.

      Now I know they will be in hangers and I plan to collect the set.

  2. Also, I want your Splendid Splinter Refractor!

    1. Hit me up on my email on my profile page! :)


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