Thursday, January 31, 2013

Topps Without Borders-1999

I am removing the borders from the Topps designs year by year.

This time it is 1999.

With border:

And without border:

Side by side:

I never was super fond of the whole gold borders in this set. It seemed like the borders were too thick and the actual gold tone was a bit off.

The gold curve at the bottom threw the whole card off, to me at least.

The borderless version has a nice, clean, classic look to it. Simple and elegant.

If they had put the position of the player in the lower left corner it would have been perfect.

I would have loved it if Topps had used this version instead of the one they went with.

Up next, 1998 Topps. Which, surprise, has a gold border.


  1. Wow.....that looks so much better.

    I was never crazy about that year's design.

    1. It really does look a whole bunch better.

      Probably the biggest difference in the whole series so far that I've done.

  2. 99 topps as a set was bad this looks much better

    1. Agree.

      Too bad the backs were so hard to read as well.

  3. Real stadium clubby looking. Never fond of the gold border, but the gold line complements it well.

    1. The gold really sucks when Topps does it.


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