Friday, January 11, 2013

Best At Bat Ever

On May 12, 2004, Alex Cora had the best at bat I or any other have seen in this game. While not the longest pitch count ever in an at bat, 18 is still ridiculous.

Facing the Cubs and their starter Matt Clement, Alex got out to a 2-1 count and then proceeded to foul off 14 consecutive pitches.

What on earth could have happened on that 18th pitch:

The 18th Pitch

No wonder he's smiling!

As a Cubs fan I remember how mad I was that he of all people did that but looking back it was such a great moment to witness.

Here's the abridged pitch by pitch recount narrated by Mr. Vin Scully:

I can't wait for baseball!

On a side note, sorry for the lack of posting but health has been up and down and hopefully it will be getting back to normal for me.


  1. I remember that, a lot more favorably than you, I'm sure!

    Can't believe Clement kept pitching to him in the same spot.

    1. I remember listening to Steve Stone and he was as befuddled as you were about the pitch selection.

      Reminds me of the fastballs grooved to the Cards in the 8th and 9th innings of the World Series two years ago. Couldn't the Rangers have mixed a curve in there?


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