Wednesday, January 30, 2013

3 Blasters of 2012 Topps Chromage

Picked up 3 blasters of 2012 Topps Chrome at Walmart a day ago and seemed to do okay.

The best part is that somebody put them in a spot that had held $5.98 boxes of some other cards. When I took them up to the register they said they were $12.00 but gave one of them to me at the $6.00 price. Thanks Walmart!(Last time I ever actually say anything nice about Walmart!)

The extra pack in each blaster has the 4 purple refractors.

I took pictures of the cards instead of scanning them. The shininess doesn't come through in a scan.

Here's the goodies, starting with the purple refractors:

Love this card!

An orange refractor of a free agent in Boras limbo:

I think this card is from a stack of cards that was next to the cards I opened, but I'll leave it here since it looks cool ;)

Some regular chrome stars and rookies:

Chrome refractors:


Three Xfractor shinies:

And last but not least, a really cool Die Cut:

Overall, I really like 2012 Chrome but with 2013 coming out today these will probably be my last boxes of Chrome.

Forgot I need to wade through all this chrome to check for SP's.

Fun boxes to break and a great price point. They came to about $1.50 a pack which works for me.

I have a couple of hanger boxes of 2012 Topps to crack open and I will post those when I destroy them soon.

Did you know 2013 Topps came out today? (You don't say?)


  1. That Blanks card is always a beauty to see. But that Verlander is a flashy masterpiece.

  2. There just isn't much to not like about this version of Topps Chrome.

    It's the first time I've ever bought more than 2 or 3 packs of the set.

    Plus, the Verlander doubles as a throwing star, should a situation arise.


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