Monday, July 8, 2013

My favorite 2013 Topps card

Somebody recently wrote about the same card I'm writing about now. Don't ask me who because I'm so far behind in my feed reader that they start to blur together when you go on a reading binge. I do remember it was about the red bordered version of this card:

I love everything about this card:

  • It's a Cubs card!
  • It's Rizzo
  • The Rookie Cup
  • The look in his eyes, like he knows he got it all
  • The bat posed along the border
  • It's a really clean card
  • He's at the top of my blog!
I'm thinking of chasing down every parallel of this card, except the printing plates.

That's probably about 8-15 cards, with some of them going for some haughty dough like the pink border.

But it would make a great row of cards to line up on a shelf or in a wall display.

Might be a modest goal compared to what many of you are aiming at but that's why the hobby is great.

We all are interested in our own quests and do it because it's fun and it's an individual pursuit, not one we all decide to pursue at once.

I'll be posting as I acquire my little.....triskaidekafecta?

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