Monday, July 8, 2013

Yeah, B-12 Shots. Right!

This is one of my favorite cards from 1993 Upper Deck:

Juan Gonzalez was just stepping into his belting shoes.

Canseco was already a supreme masher when he joined the Rangers.

Palmeiro was just getting into his ridiculous groove.

Rodriguez was at the beginning of what is now the best defensive catcher's career.

It was and kind of still is a great card.

But we all know what is wrong with this card.

And we all loved watching these guys hit, even though the cloud was just starting to descend on them and many of their contemporaries.

I do want to say that Palmeiro never looked like he was on steroids.

Pudge always had a bit of a cloud over him which greatly intensified when he hit the Tigers' camp having lost 25 pounds of muscle from the previous season.

Never in my life did I think Gonzalez was on it because when he came up he had such an explosive swing and great size already.

Canseco--------HA! Still fun to watch.

I wish 1993 Barry bonds was in the picture just to show the dramatic size increase from then compared to 2001.

Here are the four bulkheads combined numbers:

  • Runs: 5364
  • Hits: 9677
  • 2Bs: 1885
  • 3Bs: 128
  • HRs: 1776(We just celebrated that)
  • RBIs: 5978
  • SBs: 450
Those are ridiculous!

I used to be a big fan of the Texas Rangers, mainly because of Gonzalez.

I still like all of them but Pudge. The fact that it was obvious he used and has been left alone is a something I don't get. His power suddenly disappeared and nobody made a big deal of it. Bench will always be the best because he didn't have to take any thing to be who he was.

I hate Pudge Rodriguez.

But I still like this card.


  1. Sweet card! This is the first time I've seen this card. I was out of the hobby by 1993, so I didn't bust any 1993 UD. I just picked up a starter lot @ the flea market this weekend... and hopefully this card is part of the group.

  2. This is the last year I was really into the hobby. I bought tons of these.

    Email me your address and it's yours.

    1. I just checked to see if I already had it for my set... and it's there! I appreciate the offer though. If you ever want to make a trade... I'm trying to build this set. Currently, I'm 40 cards short. I'll shoot you an email with a link to my list. Just email me back if you think we can work something out. Thanks again!


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