Friday, July 19, 2013

Guess who has diabetes...............

This guy!

I mean me.

As I referred to in a previous post, I said that doctors had found gallstones and I was going to get it taken care of.

Well, that was a while ago and I am still suffering from this.

But as it turns out after going to the ER today for what I thought was going to be a ruptured gall bladder turned out to be far worse. But not end of world stuff.

It turns out, after a hour long exam of my gall bladder, they only found a few stones and there was no signs of infection, so they opted not to take it out until I spek with a surgeon who is acommadating to those of us with lesser means.

While they said the gall bladder was not causing me pain, my 384 blood sugar level was definitely the source of my pain.

It just type 2 diabetes, which means I can use Metformin to treat it instead of insulin.

After two doses od this medicine my body has responded very favorably to it.

At first I just wanted my GB out, but after thinking about it I realized how dangerous diabetes is.

While mine is not as bad as it could be, I still wish I had not taken to drinking all those liters of Cherry Coke I swore off for three years.

So it looks like my health is going in a better direction, but I would like to say to you please put down the extra cupcake or make it a small soda.

Fuji, I'm still working on your wantlist because I said I would and also it kept my mind doing that instead of thinking of pain.

Hopefully I can offer more and better posts and get back into the swing of life.


  1. Hey man I think you meant to say Metformin. Lifestyle changes for the best will serve you well.
    Good luck!

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Tried to edit my comment but I couldn't.

      Yeah, that's what it is. Changed it in the post.

      Thanks for the luck!

  2. I'm glad they were able to diagnose this early and that you're feeling better after the first two doses. When I need to... I definitely use cardboard to help distract me from issues I want to be distracted from.

    Hope things continue to get better for you.

    1. Thanks.

      Cards are definitely a diversion when you feel bad.

      Thanks for the well wishes and I am rounding up the last four of the low end series for you. I just have a couple of incomplete sets of that set in my house but the complete ones are at my brother's house so I told him which ones to grab and he is dropping them off.

    2. No rush. I just appreciate the generosity. Thanks buddy.

  3. Join the club ! Not sure where you live, but here in Ohio, I can get Metformin at Meijers stores for FREE ! Absolutely no strings attached. They also give out free Lipitor, which I take. I had a heart attack at 47! Now 62 and doing fine !

    1. I begrudgingly accept entrance into your club but it sucks.

      Glad to see you're doing great though!

  4. Good luck to you Cory, as you start down the road of daily meds. I too have it, finding out about it 7 years ago. Metformin & Glyburide keep it in check.

    1. Thanks. Already on those now.

      All those wasted days drinking soda and candy, should have spaced them out.


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