Sunday, December 9, 2012

1991 Conlon Collection-Card 61-70

It's been a while since I posted about these. Actually, I just forgot about them.

ARPSmith is breaking open some series 2 wax of Conlons right now. Go check it out!

Continuing from cards 51-60 here are cards 61-70 of the first series of Conlon cards issued in 1991.

The first series includes 330 cards and I have been showing them in posts containing 10 cards at a time so you can look at them without any commentary, just scans.

It's great to look at the stats of some of the lesser known players in history and realize quite a few of them actually had some remarkable years and careers yet are overshadowed by their more famous opponents and teammates.

The first 67 cards honor Hall of Fame players. Why stop at 67? That is most likely due to the fact that those are the players that Charles Conlon had captured in photographs.

In this 10 card lot are the last seven Hall of Famers.

Cards 61-70:

Sorry for the weird scans on cards 63-66. They seem to border right between two resolutions.

I guess that would mean that cards 71-80 will be following along.

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