Sunday, December 9, 2012

Now That's an Outfield!

 Stats: 21 HR's, 58 RBI's, Gold Glove, .988 Fielding pct., 4 errors.

 Stats: 39 HR's, 122 RBI's, All Star, Gold Glove, .987 Fielding pct., 5 errors.

Stats: 39 HR's, 130 RBI's, All Star, .984 Fielding pct., 4 errors.

1979 stats listed above.

Evans should have been an All Star just for his glove and arm.

All in all, pretty, pretty,....pretty,........pretty good.


  1. Why did the Sox ever trade Lynn away? I understand the whole hindsight thing, but even looking at it from a 1981 perspective, it didn't make much sense. They traded an basically a #4 starter and an All Star/MVP-calibre center fielder for a below average AAA pitcher, a veteran outfielder running on fumes and a pitcher who had fallen from #1 starter level to about #3 starter. Boston got NOTHING out of that trade. They basically just gave Lynn away. I may have to do some research to try and find out what was behind that deal.

    1. Could have been maybe he was asking for too much and Boston found a buyer?

      I could have sworn he played for the White Sox for a cup of coffee.


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