Sunday, December 9, 2012

Pete Lacock, Jr 1975 SSPC

1975 SSPC #317
Nope. Not touching the name. It's a family blog.

The man had his own ear flaps!

Speaking of family, he was the son of the original host of Hollywood Squares, Peter Marshall, AKA, Pierre Lacock:

Not touching that name either. Still a family blog.

As for family, he was also the nephew of Joanne Dru:

She was in many movies, such as  Red River, All the King's Men, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, The Pride of St. Louis, and perhaps the goofiest 80's movie ever, Super Fuzz.

Super Fuzz:


Here is the back in all its multicolored, glitzy glory:

Well, actually not colorful or glitzy.

It works on a 1970's menu font level.

I like it.

I love the set itself.

Look through all the Topps photos of the 70's. They all lack the life that SSPC was able to capture in their photos.

I've been working on this set for a while and I have a total of 6 cards. Guess you can't call that working, really.

And, NOPE, still not going to touch that name.

It's a family blog!(but the comments don't have to be!)


  1. Little known fact: Keith Olbermann did the write ups for the backs of these cards.

    1. Little known fact: I Want Keith Olbermann's collection.

      Thanks for the knowledge drop.


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