Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tuff Rhode(s) to the Top

Which player accumulated the most professional home runs during their career?

Was it:
  • Luis Gonzalez: 38 Minors, 354 Majors. Total of 392 home runs.
  • Karl 'Tuffy' Rhodes: 54 Minors, 13 Majors, 474 Japan. Total of 541 home runs.
  • Jeff Bagwell: 6 Minors, 449 Majors. Total of 455 home runs.

Tuffy Rhodes is the winner!

Before his legendary exploits in Japan, Tuffy was known for hitting three HR's off of Dwight Gooden on opening day of the 1994 season while with the Cubs.


  1. At the time that card was released, most people probably would have been surprised if Rhodes even topped 100 HR on his career. He was very much a light-hitting, speedy lead-off type player at the time.

  2. I wonder if he found a 'special' way of maximizing his skills(and muscles)?


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