Sunday, December 9, 2012

Feeling a little Chipper

I am convinced that when I bought the 1991 Topps Micro set that that is when my eyesight started to go.

Reading the backs of those cards without a Loupe or magnifying glass was insanity.

The set I had disappeared for the longest time until recently when I found it in the bottom of a cardboard box in the basement-that had flooded two years ago.

Let's just say that the set is no longer worthy of grading. But it's not terrible.

Here's Chipper, looking quite decent actually:


The pink border on the front of the card is actually the pink coloring of the card back directly in front of it, which bled through every single card.

Plus, when I opened up the set to survey the damage the entire set was stuck together. The only way to separate the cards was to break them up into bricks of 10 cards, more or less, and flex the edges until they separated.

It was quite fun doing this because it gave a verysatisfying tearing, ripping, crackling sound as I parted them.

I still have some bricks left to separate but I wanted to take a picture of them so you could check them out:

I also tried to record the sound they made but that went terribly. Instead, I will tell you what it sounds like: stepping on a june bug. Yeah...........maybe it isn't that cool of a sound after all.

I might start sorting all the cards into a set again but I fear I may actually go blind doing it.

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