Monday, December 3, 2012

Tactile Temptation and Sample Surprises

Have you ever collected a set just because how the cards felt?

I bought a bunch of 2002 Topps 206 back when it came out because the set intrigued me.

And it was about the time Topps started to dive into variations.

Look at Tino here:



It was pretty need to get multiple versions of players.

But they all shared the same back:

The backs are not the reason people tore into this product.

It was all about getting key rookie cards and maybe scoring an original T-206 card.

The jersey cards were pretty cool too. Encased in their own little display case(or whatever it was called).

Over time I began to really detest this set though.


The feel of them.

The moment you pick one up you can feel the utter cheapness of them.
It is probably the worst stock Topps has used on any of their card sets, ever.

The fronts are semi glossy and look halfway decent. But the backs are where you can see the awful stock in all its 'glory'.

It reminds me of the paper used to make cereal boxes. Except, it is only half as thick as that.

Over time, that cheapness really shows. The cards are so bent that they stand on their own:

 Now, when I look at the stack of those cards that I never put on eBay 10 years ago, I almost cringe just thinking about touching them.

Much, like 1987 Topps, which always makes me feel like I'm touching moldy wood.

But here's where the title of the post comes in.

I never bought even one pack of Topps 206 when it was reissued back in 2009.
Heck, I don't even have one card from the newer version so I have no idea of the quality of the stock.

But, I did come across some of the minis on Listia a few months back.


The first time I held one it immediately crossed my mind how thick and solid it felt.
And feeling the ridges on the back of the card felt like I was holding an elaborate business card.

The fronts are matte/semi gloss which makes for a really nice look to them. Everything is sharp.

It appears to me that there are three striations to the minis:
  • Vellum for the backs
  • 2002 Topps 206 style compressed stock in the middle
  • Compressed vellum on the fronts
If you look at the fronts real close you can see the compressed undulations of the vellum.

I'm not a paper savant but my mom worked with paper for 30+ years at a printing plant and brought home a ton of sample packs of paper that salesman would drop off to be looked over but, apparently, just ended up in the garbage.

I learned quite a bit by looking through all that paper. For one thing, onion skin paper is the coolest thing to hold in your hands. It almost feels like it isn't there.

I came across some rather awesome items in those sample packs:

 The above two images are mock ups of the Russian VHS cover for MIB.

The box is actually adhered inside so as not to come open for some reason.

The paper is a stiff holographic foil.

Probably a one of a kind item, but I have no clue.

These next images are of mockups that really blew me away to find them in the sample packs:

The above image is a mockup in holographic foil for a cover of the Xmen 80th issue. My brother is the comic book guy in the family and still has not convinced me to give this up.

And I never will.

There is more to it:

It also was attached to the main cover mockup.

No staple holes is what makes me believe this is a true mockup.

Or, once again, might be rare or just one of many sent out to different clients for bids.

There was also this:

Appears to be a early mockup of the cover.

Printed on the same holographic foil.

Cool to look at in person.

Getting back to the 206 minis.

It has made me think of collecting the set.

I realize it might be a ridiculous set to try to complete but just the feel of them alone is enough to make me want to.

Have you ever collected a certain set just for the feel of it?

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