Wednesday, December 5, 2012

2012 Topps Update Presidential Predictor Set is Useless

I might have jumped on board 2012 Topps Update a little later then most but I don't see how having an expiration date so soon after the election benefits any collectors.

You had only one week to enter your codes, and in the case of Florida, you were out of luck.

Funny how I got this card. Figured it would have been more fitting if it was a Romney.

Here's the back:

You can try the code since I never found out where to.

Topps could have listed a website, at least.

I would have been two weeks late, anyways.

Why did Topps do this?

Most likely to get in on the election frenzy and to get collectors to try to amass all 100 cards.

I just don't understand the short window of entry.

Maybe they'll handle it better in four years.......


  1. I found you had to enter them at the main redemption page at Topps. You would think they would have spent the ink to put that on the back - plenty of space.

    1. Which makes me think the whole contest was just thrown together real quick to score some quick cash.


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